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Please provide a mission statement and description of your organization's experience, including how it has advanced Arts of Clark County's vision for the arts in our community. (500 words maximum)

Describe the project that you would like this grant to assist in funding. Please include how, when and where the project will be completed and shared with the public. (500 words maximum)

In a single document, please provide the resume(s) of your organization's leadership.

Please provide a document showing the budget and timeline for your project.

Please provide 3-5 examples of past projects the organization has completed.

Please provide a LIST OF EXAMPLE FILES you are uploading through this form or are directing the grants committee to review on the web. Include the title of the project or event, media, size, length or duration, etc. (as appropriate), brief description and URLs as necessary. NOTE: Our maximum upload size is 5MB. So please post larger sound or video examples to SoundCloud, YouTube or a similar site and provide hyperlinks within this list of example files.

Note that uploading files may take several minutes, depending on the size and number of files.
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